‘Is Islam also a religion from God?’

This came up in discussion not long ago.

Premise 1: If I believed Islam was a religion from God, I would be Muslim.
Premise 2: I’m not Muslim.
Conclusion: Therefore, I don’t believe Islam is a religion from God.

Islam and Christianity cannot both be right. Any Christian who says Islam is a message is mistaken about Islam or Christianity. The two religions teach opposite different things about:

  • God
  • Jesus
  • the Crucifixion and Resurrection
  • And so on.

The teachings cannot be reconciled. To try, you must distort the teachings of both.

As to how and why? Maybe I’ll elaborate on these another time.


‘It says ‘Allah’ in the Bible!’

It says Allah in the Bible.  I see this claim a lot.

Hebrew, Aramaic, and Arabic are all Semitic languages. That means they’re all related. Of course there are going to be similarities.

Let’s look at a word. In this case, ‘God’. Suitable.

  • in Germanic languages: Gud, God, Gott, Got
  • in Romance languages: Deus, Dios, Dio, Dieu, Diu, Déu
  • in Slavic languages: Bóg, Bůh, Boh, Bog

They’re related, so they’re similar. It’s the same with Semitic languages. It’s not an unusual concept.

So, of course, “ilah”, “eloh”, “elaha” and so on are going to be quite similar.

Even if words are similar, “Allah” doesn’t mean the same God as in Islam. People used “Allah” before Muhammad “received his “revelations.

This is just grasping at straws. It is almost always by Sunni Muslims.

Terrorist Attack, Westminster

I write with a heavy heart about the terrorist attacks in London. Yet again, more have died in a false name of tolerance.
The blood of the dead is on the hands of several, but we can boil it down to one: leftists.
  • Their politicians, who invite, and in some cases, look for people to bring in. Who create laws silencing people complaining.
  • Leftist police officers, who enforce laws with glee and arrest people to intimidate. Rarely charging.
  • Leftist judges, who treat people without equality. Who give some preferential or harsher treatment.
  • Celebrities who live in worlds unlike the working class. Who think they deserve people listening. They are dancing monkeys. None should care for their thoughts.
  • The “journalism” of the left like Buzzfeed, Salon and AJ+. Pages which will often lie. Which deceive. Which can’t investigate to save its life. Who care more about being hip and trendy than accurate.
  • The voters who vote the leftist politicians in. Who act smug. Who care less about the victims and more about virtue signalling.
  • Antifa and similar. Terrorist groups. Fascists who claim to be anti-fascists. Hypocrites.
Such wickedness will continue. For how long, I do not know. I hope not for long. I am sick of the cycle we seem to follow:
  • attack
  • hashtags
  • profile pictures
  • silencing criticisms
  • arrests of those involved
  • arrests of those who criticise
  • fake tears from politicians and celebrities
  • fade from memory
  • repeat
We live in a time where we wait for the next attack. Like all sane people, I don’t like that.
And yet, all I can do is ask for five things:
  • pray
  • remember who did this
  • remember who enabled this
  • speak out
  • vote them out