This will develop as things come.
Bear with me.

About this Blog

What’s the purpose of the blog?

I am going to be posting social and religious themed posts. Probably a lot of current events.

What is your username all about?

My username is two words.

The first part is from a cognomen – a name, earned or nickname that became hereditary. Scaevola was a Roman youth famous for placing his right hand into a furnace in front of his enemy. He did this to prove that the body is cheap to men who have their eye on something else. Scaevola means “left-handed”.

The second, part is the singular, genitive and masculine form of Nazarenus: Nazarene.
So, Nazareni means “of the Nazarene”.

Taken together, my username means something along the lines of “Left-Handed one of the Nazarene (i.e., Christ)”.

About this Poster

Who are you?

That doesn’t really matter. I could be anyone, anywhere. I like it that way.

What’s your political view?

I’m right-leaning. I oppose the “progressive” left. I see it as dangerous and ignorant.

Do you hate x/y/z?

I’ll keep this short: no. Disagreement does not mean hatred. This is true of people or ideologies.

Are you racist/homophobic/blah blah blah?

Even shorter: no.

What’s with your writing style?

 I try to write in a short, concise way.  I’m not writing to impress, but to express. This isn’t an academic paper. Nobody cares about ‘fancy’ words. We learn this in business writing.
Writing should be as clear as possible. Children and non-natives should understand it with no problems. I want to aim for this.