Terrorist Attack, St. Petersburg

Yet another terrorist attack.

At last count, I saw:

  • Eleven dead
  • Forty-five injured
  • One bomb exploded.
  • They stopped another.
  • Nobody has claimed responsibility for the attack. Yet.

There is nothing that I can say about this other than I am disgusted by the act. Like any sane person would be. I noticed, though: there was a lot of glee about this attack. From “laugh reacts” on live feeds on Facebook to more.

I saw a lot of glee from SJWs. ‘They deserve it,’ they said, ‘because of how they treat homosexuals.’

So that makes it okay, does it? Huh. I forgot many on the left only virtue signal. They have no sympathy for what happens. I doubt they even care about homosexuals. Or anyone else. They’re just useful right now. But I’m changing topics.

No flag of Russia lit up on European monuments. Yet.

So far nothing:

  • in London
  • on the Eiffel Tower
  • on Brandenburg Gate
  • or even on the Empire State Building


Tel Aviv did, though. Bless them.

Right now, nobody has claimed responsibility. Rumours are spreading. Conspiracy theories are everywhere.

My thoughts and prayers for everyone injured or dead:

  • Left or right.
  • Black or white.
  • Gay or straight.
  • Male or female.
  • Young or old.

Author: Scaevola Nazareni

I am... nobody in particular. A traditionalist, masculine Christian.

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