Terrorist Attack, Westminster

I write with a heavy heart about the terrorist attacks in London. Yet again, more have died in a false name of tolerance.
The blood of the dead is on the hands of several, but we can boil it down to one: leftists.
  • Their politicians, who invite, and in some cases, look for people to bring in. Who create laws silencing people complaining.
  • Leftist police officers, who enforce laws with glee and arrest people to intimidate. Rarely charging.
  • Leftist judges, who treat people without equality. Who give some preferential or harsher treatment.
  • Celebrities who live in worlds unlike the working class. Who think they deserve people listening. They are dancing monkeys. None should care for their thoughts.
  • The “journalism” of the left like Buzzfeed, Salon and AJ+. Pages which will often lie. Which deceive. Which can’t investigate to save its life. Who care more about being hip and trendy than accurate.
  • The voters who vote the leftist politicians in. Who act smug. Who care less about the victims and more about virtue signalling.
  • Antifa and similar. Terrorist groups. Fascists who claim to be anti-fascists. Hypocrites.
Such wickedness will continue. For how long, I do not know. I hope not for long. I am sick of the cycle we seem to follow:
  • attack
  • hashtags
  • profile pictures
  • silencing criticisms
  • arrests of those involved
  • arrests of those who criticise
  • fake tears from politicians and celebrities
  • fade from memory
  • repeat
We live in a time where we wait for the next attack. Like all sane people, I don’t like that.
And yet, all I can do is ask for five things:
  • pray
  • remember who did this
  • remember who enabled this
  • speak out
  • vote them out

Author: Scaevola Nazareni

I am... nobody in particular. A traditionalist, masculine Christian.

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